Monday, September 26, 2005

Sadak chaap...

Right! Its final then. The email has come in. (Despite much pleading) We, the students of the outgoing MBA batch, have to vacate our beloved Graduate Hall in a month or be faced with the consequence of becoming designated 'squatters'. So its house hunting time for me along with the current preoccupation of job hunting. A few of the guys and myself plan to move into an apartment somewhere in the city. We should start soon as finding likeable accommodation here can take a while. I've never shared a house with anyone before, so it should be a pretty interesting experience.
That said, leaving GH will be difficult. We have had some truly memorable times here and most of the residents had almost become extended family. Another bummer is the fact that we will have to move out of the campus. Its back to living in the concrete jungle...sigh!

PS - Cogito, could you pass on the nos. of some agents that you might know?


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