Monday, May 05, 2008

Trivia - Cinema's funny circles

Two of my (and most peoples, for that matter) favourite Utpal Dutt Films are Hrishikesh Mukherjee's 'Golmal' and Ray's 'Agantuk' (The Stranger).
The first film really put Dutt on the comedy map in a big way and remained his most memorable commercial performance till date. The latter is certainly his last great one. Now sample this -

1979 - Golmal
(Interview scene- loosely edited and translated in English)
Dutt - What can you tell me about Pele?
Palekar - He was a great man, sir! His book 'The per capita income of the backward tribes of Maharashtra is fantastic!
Dutt - Who are you talking about?
Palekar - Prof. Rele, the famous economist of course!
Dutt - No! No! I am talking about Pele, the Black Pearl! The famous football player from Brazil! Don't you know?
Palekar - Apologies sir. My knowledge of football is limited. Father used to say that youth was for hard work, studies and making someone of yourself. One could indulge in life's hobbies after settling down.

1991 - Agantuk(The Stranger)
(Interview scene over tea- loosely edited and translated in English)
Ghosh - you say you have returned to India after 35 years. Where are you returning from?
Dutt - Brazil
Ghosh - Ah! Brazil! What are you saying?
Dutt - Why?
Ghosh - Football, of course! Pele!
Dutt - Who?
Ghosh - Black Pearl Pele, the famous football player! He would score bicycle kick goals!
Dutt - Sorry sir. My knowledge of football is strictly limited to East Bengal and Mohun Bagan!