Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Nanyang MBA Series - 1 (The School)

The first in the Nanyang MBA series. This one might just be of academic interest to most people, but I feel I should introduce the school before I start getting into the wonderful memories that we've made here. Setting the scene, in a sense. So here goes.

Nanyang Business School's MBA program is a relatively new one, started as recently as 1991. That given, since then, not only has the school consistently ranked in the top 10 in Asia, but the school today is ranked amongst 100 best MBA programs in the world, according to The Economist. Quite a good show for a 'fledgling' program.

Reputed for offering a global perspective with an Asian focus, the Nanyang MBA draws participants from around the world. We had individuals from 16 countries in our batch, which added great diversity both in terms of perspective and learning. A wide and flexible choice of subject specializations and the Overseas Business Study Missions are other unique features of the program.

Enough propaganda. Now on to the Campus. The campus is huge, spread over more than 600 acres of lush green landscape. By far the most beautiful surroundings I have ever lived in. The combination of hi-tech infrastructure and natural greenery made this place ideal as a seat of education. Coming from a concrete Calcutta, this was a treat for the eyes.

The South Spine by night

An aerial view of The North Spine

The Business School is situated in the South Spine (S3.1) of the University. It is quite a distance from the Graduate Hall (accomodation for graduate students only), and one can avail of the shuttle bus service to get there. For a virtual trip of the campus, please click here.

This towering structure is Graduate Hall, home to post graduates. This is where it all goes down! Offers both single and double rooms. This has been home to me and most of my MBA batch mates.

I remember the first time we got here, the shuttle bus services was temporarily unavailable. Walking to School and back used to be such a big deal. I was better off for it as I needed the exercise! The first few days after arrival zipped by with all the registrations, paperwork formalities and student pass collections. I also used this time to settle into Graduate Hall, my home ever since, and to get to know some of the other students from the batch. Acclimatization
was swift enough, with no major hiccups. Getting used to the food took a little while, but now I'm absolutely at home with the sumptuous 'migoreng' or the spicy 'laksa'. The Indian food on campus wasn't great, but it wasn't too bad either.

A great aerial shot of the Sports and Recreation Centre where many a game of water polo, squash, tennis and badminton has been played.

A week of this and then it was on to the Induction Program...

One of the many lovely walkways at NTU. Looks brilliant in the night time with the lights lining the walkway .

PS: Would like to thank Naresh Kumar Agarwal (NTU alumni) for some of the photographs.



Ron said...

Wow! No wonder your are so devoted to your campus and college. Looks expensive too.

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

Ron - Glad u liked it. Thats the beauty of it - the tuition fee is similar to the non Gov. MBA tuition fees in India!! (ok, marginally more expensive, but nothing out of hand). Its the living expenses that add up and stretch you a bit. But still its easily a third of what US B-schools cost. Worth the money!

Cogito said...

Nice pics ! Awaiting your juicy stories :-)