Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Nanyang MBA Series

I will soon be graduating from the the Full time Nanyang MBA programme at The Nanyang Business School here in Singapore. Its been a great year and a half (almost) to date and I must say that its been a ride I shall never forget. Its been made even more special by the many friends I've made here. I intend to put up a series (at what intervals, I don't know) on the MBA experience here, from its commencement in mid 2004 to date. The collective joys and sorrows, the late night discussions before exams, the 'have to crack this case' frustrations, the many rooftop gatherings and the life at the beautiful campus...just a few of the many things I intend to recapitulate through the blog. Its always sad when good things come to an end. But we'd like to believe that, from here, its only on to greater things!

PS: Batch mates beware!



Ron said...

Congrats!! I was under the impression that you were working...so u plan to work in Singapore or come back?? or move to some other part of the world?

whitelight said...

my boarding school days just flashed in front of my eyes.

living on campus is a different high altogether. i spent eight years in Mayo. i hate to quote but "those were the best days of my life". no discussions allowed.

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

ron - thanks! i am interning as well, so u were not wrong to think so. aapadoto to ekhane thakar icche. this region is good for people in my area of specialisation. plus theres so much of this region i havent yet seen!

whitelight - agreed. no attempts at discussions. campus rocks!

Ron said...

incidentally, what is your area of specialisation?

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

Ron - Banking and finance.

Cogito said...

wow..looking fwd to it.