Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pommies to Ashes...Aussies to dust.

What a reversal of fortunes it has been. But then, fortune always favours the brave. And England has been the braver side throughout what will be remembered as one of the best Ashes series ever. Coming back from being one test down to winning the series takes some doing and England have done this with flair and fight. Its been a long wait since 1989 but the team now bears a solid look. The bowling attack is to die for, with Harmison, Hoggard, Flintoff and Jones. The batting order keeps firing regularly as well. And those two firebrands - Freddie Flintoff and Pietersen, have huge careers in front of them. Flintoff with his performance in this series has made a claim at Botham's exalted position.
The Australians put up a decent show, but they seemed a rag tag side with a lack of ideas. Though the Aussie spirit kept them from giving up without a fight, it was all a little too late. Those veterans McGrath and Warne tried their best, but a two man side is heavily on the wrong side of the odds.
The Australians as usual indulged in loose talk, mind games and attempts at mental disintegration, something that hasn't worked after Waugh's reign, but in the end were asked to look to the final score line, which read 'England 2, Australia 1' - Put that on the BBQ and cook it!

For now, England is delirious. About time.

Here's a link to Cricinfo's collection of Ashes 2005 quotes.


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Cogito said...

Its so unbelievable.This might do wonders for cricket in UK ..