Sunday, April 16, 2006

Time for a BBQ!

After much ado, Aroon, Ashok and Raju's BBQ finally happened last week. Mandarin Gardens (Aroon's place), was the venue for this funfilled evening. Much meat was roasted, lots of alcohol was drunk (too much actually, but whats new), MBA days relived and generally lots of good cheer was spread. I also managed to meet a school mate from Kolkata, who was in our MBA program two years ago. Small world this is... (this week I also managed to get in touch with my school friends from way back in school - St.Xaviers '96 ICSE...apparently there was a yahoo groups thingy I was completely unaware of...there are already 20 odd was great to know all the guys are doing really well for themselves and are going places...apart from one little fellow who's in jail!...but hey it takes all kinds...sorry...back to the BBQ!). As the evening wore on, the conversations got really interesting...I think at one point I was discussing the way people burp and generally distributing pearls of complete nonsense. I beg forgiveness of the poor unsuspecting girl who was actually listening to apologies... The day was good friday and hence Aroon couldn't touch alcohol. Poor chap...but well done takes fight to pull through an evening like that...Apart from an unfortunate incident involving a bladder malfunction and a brief period when I disappeared into the bushes (don't even ask how), it was a very enjoyable evening. Thanks Aroon, Ashok and Raju. In other news, I got my teeth cleaned, so I'm sporting a set of pearly whites...and I'm smiling a lot!

Kamal in the food and beverage area...a fine cuisine
The gang at the BBQ!
My disappearance in the bushes...I can't believe someone actually clicked this!
Kamal, Ruchi and Rishi (recently married) and moi

The gang again!



Anonymous said...

Seems like a lotta fun,dude, whats the bit about you falling into the hedges and all?

Anonymous said...

heheh...bladder misfunction it sims..
gud on ya mate..thanks for coming..& alcohol was consumed (shamelessly) by me inspite of the holiness of the day...oh well..

still awaiting your big bash (funded by the lifestyle allowance of course!!)

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

anonymous - who is this? its ok giving in ur name u know...all friends here...the hedges bit...not really sure how that happened man...i do know that another guy (thrice my weight) fell on me as well!!

aroon - bleeding condo with locked bathrooms!!! to raise at your next building meet.

Ekta said...

U seem to have had a blast!
I also want a BBQ party now!
U better get it planned when we ever come to Singapore!

Anand said...

Discussing the way people burp!..well can soo relate to the inane conversations when the alcohol is mixing too well in ur veins!

When I get just sooo happy and irritate the hell ouuta everyone ard me...coz I cant stop TALKING!

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

ekta - a blast it was though i dont remember too much of what i did!! and yea i owe one BBQ..done!

anand - ya man..for me, i either just shut up and keep quiet or do the exact opposite...i think the latter has been happening quite often lately though!

Anonymous said...

Why do Indian men love to pee in the open?

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

yea yea..refer first comment to aroon...