Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Nanyang MBA Series - 4 (Placements)

Ok, this is the one about the placements...I have received loads of emails and calls from prospective students querying about the same and hence decided to blog about it for general information for all interested.
Right, yes everyone in the batch is placed, employed, working for money etc. Our batch (total fulltime strength: 65) had representation from around seventeen countries, the largest contingents being from China, India, Germany, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. The rest of the countries were represented by only one or two participants. As far a I know, the Chinese have all gone back to China with lucrative offers. Only one or two are working here in Singapore. This is out of choice. Most Chinese students were never even looking to work in Singapore as the NTU name is apparently big in their neck of the woods and hence they enjoy a real premium once they head back there. A couple of the Germans are working in Singapore while the rest have headed back to Europe. Most other students from the other countries are based here.
Now the 'desi' junta, we numbered 24. All the boys have found suitable employment. 21 of us are here in Singapore, while 3 students have headed back to India to take up their dream jobs.

The companies that the MBA batch of 2004-06 are working for are listed as follows, according to specialization:

Banking and Finance:

1. Standard & Poors, Singapore
2. DBS, Singapore
3. UOB, Singapore
4. HSBC, Singapore
5. Citibank, Japan
6. AurionPro Solutions, Singapore
7. HP Asia-Pac, Singapore
8. Raffles Consulting Pte. Ltd., Singapore
9. PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Singapore
10. Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore
11. ABN AMRO, Singapore
12. Keppel Land, Singapore
13. Morgan Stanley, Singapore


1. Colgate Palmolive, Singapore
2. AC Nielson, Singapore
3. Cushman & Wakefield, Bangalore
4. Unilever, Malaysia
5. WTO, Singapore
6. Roche Pharmaceuticals, Indonesia


1. Frost & Sullivan, Singapore
2. HCL Technologies, Chennai
3. Wipro Technologies, Bangalore


1. Seagate Technologies, Singapore
2. Inductis India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
3. Accenture, Singapore
4. Proudfoot Consulting, London

The above list is not exhaustive as I am unaware of the companies that most of the China based students are working in.

Let me add in a word about the internship scenario as well. Everyone in the batch got internships. The companies that hired for internships were HSBC Singapore, PwC Singapore, Singapore Technologies, HCL Singapore, DBS, Frost & Sullivan, AC Nielson Singapore, Carlson Marketing Singapore, HP Asia-Pac Singapore, Cisco Systems Singapore, British Petroleum Singapore, Citibank NA Singapore, Collin Ng & Partners, Accenture Singapore etc.
The average salary for fulltime offers of the batch would be around SGD 60,000 pa. For the internships, average stipends were in the range of SGD 1000-2000 pm.

So there. It was a good year in all for our batch. The junior batch is all set to outdo us with some of them securing full time offers already apart from internships. Way to go guys! Keep the flag flying...

Hope this helps.



axl_rich said...

Hi Abhishek, good to read ur blog....I am a 2006 XLRI grad....currently vela before joining...lets keep in touch.

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

axl_rich - welcome to the blog man...yup lets keep in touch.

Gaurav said...

It's heartening to learn about the senior batch getting placed well. My hearty wishes to eachone for a successful career and happy life ahead.

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

gaurav - thanks man..looking forward to you guys going even further...

Vijay said...

Hi Abhishek,

Can you throw some light on companies that selected students who had opted for specialization in International Business.

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

Vj - Hi man. Sorry can't help you there. No one I know opted for international business and I would advise against taking it as it ends up being pretty vague. Go for a general MBA instead.

ORANGE said...

Hey Guys,

I happened to see Monica this eve at raffles. Jus to keep you updated she is now with PwC Singapore as an Assurance Associate.

Also, Judy is with C.B. Richard Ellis as an Analyst -Property Research.

abhishek said...

hello dada kamun accho?this is abhishek from ur in 1st yr mba at icfai business school gurgaon bt am nt satisfied with the course...have 2 yrs work ex in IT sales and 1 yr in BPO and am planning to leave this course and give gmat and try for Nanyang/NSU can u guide deadlines given on website.

i wanna specialise in marketing bt i am told in sngp take finance as localites get marketing jobs...
plus my frnd who graduated from MDIS,singapore says placemnts is an issue as employers ask for PR etc...plez aamarke guide karo.

Anonymous said...

hey abhishek this is ajay.i wanted to know that wat is the avrage work ex and the gmat scorerequired for applying at nanyang?

Anonymous said...

Great to read your blog. I want to know the average salary offered to people with 2 yrs of workex.

Gaurav said...

Good ..
Hey You can view my Blog its also Good

Peter Varma said...

This info looks good and useful for academic endeavors. Rgds, Pankaj (Peter) Varma 91 9810000163 Gurgaon New Delhi India

Raghavendra said...

Hi Abhishek ur information is very usefull can tell abt hows the MDIS and there placements

marry said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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k v said...
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k v said...

Hi Abhishek, Is Nanyang Institute of Management having same value as MBA in Nanyang Institute of Technology.

k v said...

Hi Abhishek, Is Nanyang Institute of Management having same value as MBA in Nanyang Institute of Technology.

Anonymous said...

Hey Abishek..nice blog and truly helpful. However, i needed some more info regarding the selection procedure and criteria for the same. so could u please help me with the details?

Shiv said...
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GUNA said...

i have finished BE MECHANICAL and wanted to do MBA how about placement after course and say about good stream to select

SunnnY said...

Hi Abhishek, good to read ur blog,its very imformative.....but can u just highlight on the placement of Marketing students........was it really on 6 companies to hire marketing grads and what was the avg package for them....??

Punit Sar said...

hi abhishek
this is Dr punit.
i am a bds with pgdiploma in hospital administration and certificate in medical tourism.5years experience of running my brach of 3 dental clinics.i want to shift to mba to do d same for a multinational compamy,plz adviceif nanyang mba can help me..i have seen a lots of doctors gettimb mba from isb and iims.but hows it acceptable on a global standard..plz advice