Friday, March 31, 2006

Being Cyrus

This small little film generated tremendous interest being an English language film with an entirely Bollywood cast. Director Homi Adajania expertly handles a multilayered film which is dark, witty and finely enacted. The film tells the tale of a 'drifter', Cyrus (Saif Ali Khan) who befriends a parsi family and comes to live with them. The film then delves into the daily lives of the family, peeling layer after layer from their seemingly hum drum life. But all is not hunky dory. Illicit affairs, drug addiction, ambition, romance and murder lurk in the background. How Cyrus forms part of this sordid tale is what the film is all about. Does he get involved? Is he hiding some personal motive? Why has he come this family? Or is he a victim of circumstance? The film goes about answering these questions.
The acting is first rate. Nasseeruddin Shah as the drug addicted potter is fantastic but hopelessly underused. Dimple Kapadia steals the show with her hyperactive performance as the lady of the house trying to find a way out of her boring and middleclass existence. Boman Irani as the obnoxious younger brother is also superb. Simone Singh is adequate.
The film is certainly a smart one. It is dark, probing and witty. The dialogues are great. But all in all I feel thats all that the film Sometimes too smart for its own good. It ends up being a super screenplay but has very little depth. Characters could have been elaborated more, I felt. Its swift and to the point but the ride is only enjoyable while it lasts. One must also commend actors like Saif and Dimple to take on unconventional, small English language films. Directors could use a little support from the 'stars'.




stuti said...

hey, seems interesting. was intending watching it've got me more intrigued now. will perhaps post more comments post-watching the flick.

Cogito said...

The film told the story as it need to be told without any masala.But a little background on "Cyrus" could have helped viewers understand why he did what he did.

Ekta said...

Hey abhishek,
Have been waiting to see the movie!
Now with a positive review hope to catch it soon!
Btw..heard from hubby that ur working in the same bank as us in singapore!:-)

Welcome to the family!...

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

stuti - worth a watch certainly. u guys should like it. saif eases into english language films very easily.

cogito - agree, the film was very sharp and to the point. a little depth was reqd.

ekta - hey thanks! so u are with the same bank as well? if so, didnt find ur Lotus notes ID though. are u registered in ur maiden name or something? the movies is good watch it asap!

Ekta said...

me too same bank!
am under maiden name..its mehra ekta...will reply when I ur mail

arko said...

for some reason the review reminded me of 36 chowringhee lane...! feels like we're getting more and more of these non-typical movies out of bollywood...heard that Iqbal was great as well...?

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

ekta - will do.

arko - hmmm, similar in initial premise but totally different in execution. 36CL was a far superior product. Iqbal was also good. Slow but good.But my favourite Kukunoor film will remain Rockford.

Ron said...

great review. i agree with you about the film being too smart for its own good. and naseeruddin shahs definitely could have been used more. but all in all a good watch..actually "hut ke" what say!> ;p

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

ron - hey! thanks for dropping by...truly hat ke it is..but i felt that the film could have been so much more.

Anand said...

Hey Abhi,
neat post!
Havent been able to see this one yet--but everyone's been talking about it!
SO guess its next on my list of must watch!

So hows new job treating u?

stuti said...

liked the flick...thought-provoking in some ways, about what circumstances can force one to do. but thought the end was a little abrupt.....all ends being tied up suddenly.

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

anand - hey man..steep learning curve! its not too bad..should only get better. do they screen hindi/indian films in halls in HK?

stuti - someone is turning into quite a reviewer eh? lol.