Thursday, November 03, 2005

Some conclusions...

This week has been slow. Very slow. Its been a holiday week here in Singapore. So things have been kind of on and off, if you get what I mean. I mean its like watching life in slow motion. You want to make it move fast, perhaps get in on the action happening all around, but somehow even a part you doesn't want to and you just want to see it all go by, even with the knowledge that it might pass you by if you don't get more proactive.

Don't know if I made sense there, but there have been some goings on this week and some conclusions. These are:

1. The man-woman relationship is the most complex relationship there is. Its full and final. No two ways around that. I was looking for a theme on which to base my script (yes, that's right, I can write!). And now I'm sure that this is going to be it. 'that's tha one!' as we say here in NBS.

2. Job hunting is no cake walk either. Trying to make contacts, following them up and sometimes plain groveling can be tough. Sending out resume after resume, cover letter after cover letter, making call after call and waiting for a response is gruelling and can be frustrating at times. But I'm sure there's light at the end of the tunnel.

3. 'Kasak' is by far the worst film I've seen in a long time. It makes Bengali jatras like, 'Shidir Tolay Bidir Dokaan' (The Bidi Shop Under The Stairs) and Italian giallo flicks like 'Strip Nude For Your Killer' seem like works of high intellectual accomplishment. Lucky Ali should stick to singing and Meera should well...perhaps return to Pakistan, because I'm sure she would get much better offers there. There's no point traveling all the way to India to act in pure drivel, is there? Special mention of the dialogue writer though, for classic lines like, 'Tum shocked ho? I hate shocked people!' and 'Tumne mujhse revenge liya?' MM Kreem too, who generally does a good job of making music, seemed to give up on this absolute piece of tripe. No point wasting time writing a review for this one.



Cogito said...

Job search can be tiring and painful.I fully understand. But perseverance pays (Literally & figuratively !). Best Wishes and let me know If I can be of any help.

whitelight said...

It has been a holiday week here too. I have been downloading a lot of music. Some classy indie bands. Wilco, DCFC, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc. It has been a revelation. There is so much out there.

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

cogito - thanks man! i know,its hopefully just a transient phase, frustrating none the less. will sound you out for sure if reqd.

whitelight - woa..shud check em out ya..perhaps just the fillip i need!

Medha.. said...

Hey. Just to let you know, there's kali pujo every year at Ramkrishna mission. Thats where the entire bengali junta goes to.

Anyways, good luck with job-searching! =)

Ron said...

belated happy diwali and all that. job hunting is extremely awful...but hang in there, the light at the end of the tunnel is not too far.

as for kasak, my dear boy!!! you have not ben subjected to kyon ki..words fail me...really!! although i must admit, the dialogues seemed marginally better than the kasak examples you have quoted.