Thursday, October 06, 2005

Too busy to blog...

Damn! Its been a week from hell!
I'm in the last week of my internship and hence there's tonnes of work to wrap up. Classes are coming to an end as well so all the trimester end presentations are due this week and next. Exams start from the 17th. Just too much to handle. While good Bengalis in Kolkata will walk street after street and visit pandal and pandal into wee hours of the morning this Pujas, I will be swimming in deadlines and deliverables...
Well, as someone said recently, 'that's life'.

A quick list of significant happenings over the last week:

1. We have been allowed to stay on campus a while longer. So house hunting can wait for the time being.

2. Batchmate KK interviewed with an IT company for a f/t position and returned not knowing what the name of the company was.

3. Made loads of calls to India, so expecting a fat phone bill (there goes my internship allowance!).

4. Haven't seen a film for the last 7 days, quite an unbelievable statistic as far as I am concerned.



S said...

"Well, as someone said recently, 'that's life'.".......Just curious to know......who said it?!

Cogito said...

Haha...KK thing was Hilarious ! Btw, did he get that posn ?

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

S - aah thats a secret. a well wisher..;-)

cogito - they'll get back in a fortnight. but prolly won't take it even if he does get it..what! and let a B&F spec. go waste..?!?

Anonymous said...

It should be "returned not knowing which of the three names of the company was actual name"


Medha.. said...

Hey, don't you go for pujo here in singapore? You could go to Khalsa associationg, singapore. Its very near Little india. Umm, not sure whether you have been there or not. So just letting you know. =D

Abhishek Chatterjee said...

Medha - Thanks for the tip. Will check it out this time for sure. Prolly astami.

Medha.. said...

Hey no probs. Well, i guess tomorrow and tuesday are gonna be the crowdest days.. I will be going tomorrow.. anyways, see u there.. haha! altho i have no idea how u look like. Anyways have fun in pujo yeah. Cheers. =)