Monday, September 27, 2010

Wall Street 2: Money never sleeps

Wall Street - Michael Douglas & Shia LaBeouf C...Image by jamiejohndavies via FlickrGordon Gekko does make a triumphant return to Wall Street and indeed to true capitalist form, but nothing much else works in Oliver Stone's sequal to his iconic 'Wall Street'. In this convoluted mess of a plot, the only saving grace is a smooth and assured performance from veteran Michael Douglas. The film, which uses the sub-prime meltdown as a backdrop to much of its drama, is found wanting as it works neither as a thriller nor as a document of the worst financial crisis in recent memory.
While the original film leant heavily on Faustian dilemma to make for engaging viewing, part deux precariously plays the balancing act between family drama, corporate vendetta and financial thrill-a-thon. Neither of these stilts provide any genuine support to what is in the end a film that only bankers may find remotely watchable.

2 / 5


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Neha said...

I haven't even watched the first one, but most of the times, sequels cannot get the same glory as the first ones!