Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's a crazy world out there...let's hope our prayers are in good hands tonight...

Roxette sang this years ago, but somehow this sprang out at me today, while I was thinking about how to start the blog for the new I decided to use a couple of lines to headline this new year post.

Phew! What a 2008 its been!

Here's wishing you all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous 2009 ahead...maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Just a few lines to kick off the new year on a bright and positive note, regardless of all the mess around you.

From Robin Sharma's blog -
"You just received a giant gift: a fresh, virgin new year - utterly open to it being made into anything you choose it to become. Forget the doomsayers. Block out the fear-mongers. Shout down those voices of mediocrity encouraging you to play small with your days amidst the dramatic changes in our world. This is a time to dream, to shine - to lead. It's a great time to be alive - regardless of how bad your life might appear (things always get better don't they?).
You just got 12 fresh months (I needed to repeat that because it's such an inspiring thought to me). Some amongst us don't have that time. You do. You are blessed.
So what will you do with 2009? Will you spend it wisely - reaching for excellence and outright greatness, regardless of where you work and who you are? Will this year be the year you leave behind all your victim stories about why you can't be in world-class health and lead in your field at work and love your family like there's no tomorrow? Will this year be the year you have the courage to catch a glimpse of how extraordinary you are and then assume the personal responsibility to let that talent see the light of day? And will this new year be the 12 months that you give back to the world, by lifting others up and by being honest, ethical and downright good?
Just wondering. Because the clock is ticking. And this very moment is a fine time to begin."



Prashant said...

good one mate!

Little Girl Lost said...

i really liked your blog abhishek. please write more often.