Thursday, March 06, 2008

Civilised Man

Found this in an old rotten notebook in my Calcutta home during my visit there last year. Written in the year 2000, it was intended as a dig at corporate life in general... I had just joined work and didn't really enjoy the culture there. There could also have been something specific that had happened, but its too far back to remember...Originally written as a song, it found no takers when I showed it around to some of the bands which performed at a city it ended up as poem. So there... Anyone interested in picking it up? I'll halve my royalties rate, I swear...:-)

Morning comes and so do I,
Dressed in a three piece, hat and tie,
Looking better than anybody else can,
Because me, I am a civilised man.

At work, I set fires all around,
Poison ears till I get people to frown,
Can't let them promote him above the ceiling fan,
Because me, I am a civilised man.

United we stand, unbound we crack,
You squeal on me and I'll stab you in the back,
Dollars in the bank fuels this caravan,
Because me, I am a civilised man.

I wear the mask so you won't see,
The other thing that lives inside of me,
Deception seems to be my only plan,
Because me, I am a civilised man.


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