Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wham! Bham! (or is it Bam!?)

Leaving Bricket Wood this week. Will miss the place and the people. Made new friends, dispelled myths, overcame cultural stereotypes and learnt that all that matters in an organisation are people, and more so when they come in with the right attitude..."all in all its nice to be out..." not sure why I have the Stereophonics on my mind all of a sudden. Hope nothing happens to poor old Kelly or Richard. Last time I had "Sgt. Pepper" playing non-stop in my head, George Harrison died. Coincidence for sure. Or do I have the power to kill musicians off just by playing their records in my head in an endless loop? Watch out Himesh. Crazy made up words were the highlight of the day. Someone almost got away with 'distinctify'. Sounded about right. Who cares. I was supposed sort myself out on this 2 month long training thingy. Going back largely the same person. Only a tad more confused. All this psycho-babble has messed me up a bit..."if you could rewind your life, would it change your mind?". Kelly Jones, time to be scared. Why isn't the brain playing "Imagine" or "Hey Joe"? But I don't want to rewind my life. I like it the way it is. Or do I? Ah, thoughts...thoughts. Power to kill, I tell you. You don't think so? You never know, even long shots make it, sometimes.


Mann Sahib said...

hehehehe... nice entry. I sure do pray you have one of them reshammiya songs on the loop here :D

Prashant said...

Wish you a safe trip back home mate. Nice to hear bout bricket woods. Most importantly you had a great time and some memories to cherish. Withdrawal syndrome is something I had to overcome after training.

Catch up with all of the scoop from the wild west over some fine wines once your back. Cheers.

stuti said...

am Still trying to figure out what this post was all about.....ya, then only bit i agree with, is your statement saying you're returning 'tad more confused'....;)

being mean, am i?

Anand said...

hey man! Long time...seems to be a good trip! Now tell us something about yourself. You're tagged.

Ashish said...

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Abhishek Chatterjee said...

Hi Ashish,
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