Sunday, May 14, 2006

Quiz Time Again - Answers

1. The only song the two have sung for films together is the classic duet, 'Ei jo hethai kunjochayae' from the film 'Luko Churi'. Music was by Hemant Kumar.

2. Fairly simple one, Superman's earliest description.

3. Freddie Mercury was the only musician quoted in Kobain's suicide note.

4. - Mithun Chakraborty
- Cary Grant
- Jeetendra
- Whoopi Goldberg

5. All clocks show the time 4.20 pm.

Looks like Sougatada takes this one hands down! Well done.



Ekta said...

I got atleast one right!

s said...

hey, a small favour please.......the lyrics of 'Ei jo hethai kunjochayae" whenever you get the opportunity to. will manage to get hold of the song perhaps, to learn the tune.......but need the words correctly......for future purpose. :-))

Cogito said...

Good one..No Q's on Freddie Mercury and his Indian connection ( Farokh Bulsara ) ?