Monday, August 29, 2005

Main Aisa Hi Hoon

The pictures on the CD cover conjured up images of the Sean Penn starrer, 'I am Sam' or that Dustin Hoffman classic 'Rain Man'.
However, half an hour into the film and all hopes of any redemption are squashed. Ajay Devgan tries his best as an 'autistic' man with brain of a 7 year old (the filmmaker should have researched the term before using it), fighting for the custody of his daughter (you guessed it, also 7 years old!) but is badly let down by a slow script and an unispiring story line. Another half an hour into the movie and I could hear my room mate snoring! The story revolves around Ajay Devgan, a mentally challenged man, fighting the wealthy Anupam Kher (his child's grandfather) for the custody of his daughter. The story tries to drive home the point that money, wealth, intelligence and adulthood are not necessary qualities to make a good father. Care, love and innocence can do the trick just as well. The dialogues are cliched, the direction average and the music insipid. The supporting cast is adequate. I quite liked Esha Deol as the love starved junkie (mother of Devgan's child); Anjan Srivastava is always lovable, but kudos to Sushmita Sen for her potrayal of a career oriented lawyer, who agrees to fight for the underdog, Devgan. Her performance is finely nuanced.
You could safely give this one a miss...



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